Contest Information

The MassiveBlendWorks contest is for everyone with a interest in Blender ( and Game Development.
From 23 April 2012 until 25 June 2012, everyone can send in a presentation about their game concept.
This can be any game concept, as long as its a Single Player game, will be available as Freeware, and Multi Platform available.

These are the requirements:

  • Project Must be a Freeware Game
  • At least 90% of all 3D content must be created in Blender
  • The game must be made avalible on all 3 major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) (Binaries for all platforms, and an easy Cmake project will be made available.)
  • The game can be open sourced after release or an open source project, but this is not a requirement (The MassiveEngine will be static linked and will not be made open source.)
  • The game can be an existing or a new project
  • A presentation of the game is required, this can be in Text, Video or Slides. Example game prototypes made in the Blender Game Engine will get extra attention, but is not a requirement.
  • Final registration date is 25 June 2012

To apply, please email your concept to:
Please do not send attachments directly in the email, but use a external link/filehost/ftp etc.