23 April 2012: MassiveBlendWorks Contest sign up now!

Thorworks game development studio is very happy to announce that the registration for the MassiveBlendWorks Contest is open as of today.
This contest is created to give something back to the incredible Blender community, and give interested game developers the opportunity to work with a early version of our engine.
The winner of the contest will be awarded one license of the early alpha of the MassiveEngine for one freeware game, to give the experience of developing multi-platform games with Blender as a total game design suite.
This contest is open for existing or new teams, as long as the 3D creation is done primarily in Blender, and the result is a Freeware game.
All you have to do is create a presentation about your game (a demo in the Blender Game Engine is a plus, but is not a requirement), and send it in to: contest@thorworks.org
All the functionality to create a good singleplayer game will be done in this early alpha, including Physics, GLSL Shaders, Presets for general game modes, Skill system, Conversation system and of course the meActor system!
Specific details, like how to register, and the contest requirements are avalible on http://contest.thorworks.org

The MassiveEngine is a Multi-Platform engine (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows), with full Blender integration which allows direct loading from .Blend files, and uses multiple features from Blender.
This multi-platform game engine is based on Ogre3D, Bullet Physics, OpenAL and written entirely in C++.
Designers can benefit from the use of Blender for everything a designer could need!
Blender is our total solution used for creating models, designing worlds, assigning logic to objects, storing content, designing gameplay and much more!

MassiveEngine uses the exiting meActors system, which allows configuring parameters for almost every feature implemented in the MassiveEngine.
Designers can use meActors to set everything for a player, give a player weapons, make objects move, create dialog etc.

Programmers will benefit from the C++ codebase, direct access to all the libraries used by the MassiveEngine, and access to the specific components the Designers use within Blender.