MassiveBlendWorks contest 2012, a contest for the Blender community and Game Developers.

The MassiveEngine is a Multi-Platform engine (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows), with full Blender integration which allows direct loading from .Blend files, and uses multiple features from Blender.
This multi-platform game engine is based on Ogre3D, Bullet Physics, OpenAL and written entirely in C++.
Designers can benefit from the use of Blender for everything a designer could need!
Blender is our total solution used for creating models, designing worlds, assigning logic to objects, storing content, designing gameplay and much more!

MassiveEngine uses the exiting meActors system, which allows configuring parameters for almost every feature implemented in the MassiveEngine.
Designers can use meActors to set everything for a player, give a player weapons, make objects move, create dialog etc.

Programmers will benefit from the C++ codebase, direct access to all the library’s used by the MassiveEngine, and access to the specific components the Designers use within Blender.